Wordpress Video Robot

Wordpress Video Robot
The Ultimate WordPress Automated Video Importer

WP Video Robot is a video auto-posting WP plugin that allows you to create WordPress video content without a single effort!
Thanks to its scheduling import system, WP Video Robot makes sure your sites stay fresh and updated with the most popular videos of the moment.

You can sleep soundly, WPVR does the job for you!

Thank you for purchasing
our premium plugin.
  • AUTHOR : pressaholic
  • AUTHOR URL : http://wpvideorobot.com
  • CONTACT : [email protected]
  • ITEM URL : CodeCanyon URL
  • LATEST VERSION : 1.8.9
  • CREATED : 2014-08-01
  • MODIFIED: 2017-02-20
  • Requirements

    To use WP Video Robot, you must be running :

    1. WordPress Version 3.6 or higher ( Version 3.9.2 recommeded )
    2. PHP5 or higher
    3. Mysql5 or higher
    4. cURL 7.30+ with https enabled
    5. allow_url_fopen must be activated on your PHP configuration

    We have successfully tested it with Mac, Windows and Linux. We also have tested WPVR with popular web browsers.


    What's in the box ?

    Let's see what you downloaded :

  • The documentation : documentation.zip
    You are currently reading it !

  • The plugin files : wpvr.zip
    The plugin files are in wpvr.zip, the folder "wpvr" should be placed in the /plugins directory of your wordpress installation. Instructions below.

  • Dummy Data dummy_data.zip
    This file has been removed. Sample sources are now built in with the plugin.
    Visit the plugin welcome page to start by adding the sample sources.
  • Install through WordPress

    To get this plugin working you have to follow these steps

    1. Extract the zip file downloaded from CodeCanyon
    2. Log in to your WordPress site
    3. Goto "Plugins" => "Add new" => "Upload"
    4. Select the extracted zip archive "wpvr.zip"
    5. Click "Upload" and wait until the file was uploaded and extracted.
    6. Click "Activate Plugin"
    7. Click on "WP VIdeo Robot" in the menu

    That's all ! You are ready to use WP Video Robot. Meanwhile, to get the automated functionality to work, Please configure the plugin from WPVR Options Page.

    Install through FTP

    If you are havng trouble using the default WordPress installer you can upload the theme via FTP.

    1. Open wpvr.zip file and unpack all theme files to a directory on your computer.
    2. Open your FTP program like Filezilla and connect to your server. If you don't know your login details your hosting provider can help you get them. Upload this directory to the /wp-content/themes directory of the WordPress installation on your server.
    3. Go to Plugins => Instaleld Plugins in the WordPress administration.
    4. You will see the plugin you just uploaded. Click on the Activate button and you are done.

    Updates & Activation

    Licence Activation

    To use the plugin and be able to update it, you first have to activate your license.

    1. You should have your Codecanyon purchase code near before contiuing the actiuvation. You can find it in the Codecanyon receipt or you can get it by follow this tutorial.
    2. Enter your email and your purchase code in the dialog that appears on each page on the plugin.
    3. Click activate my copy to save your license activation.
    4. You're done ! Now you can use the plugin and update it automatically each time a new version is released.

    Automatic Update

    To use the automatic plugin updater, your copy of WPVR must be licensed and activated.
    You can easily find your purchase code in the zip file you downloaded from codecanyon.
    Once they are entered and we issue a plugin update, you will receive a notification message in your WordPress admin “Updates” or “Plugins” section.
    Please see below for steps on how to do this.

    1. Navigate to WP VIdeo Robot >> Manage Options >> General Options
    2. At the bottom, you will see the Purchase Code field
    3. Once your Purchase Code is entered, you will get notified in the “Updates” and “Plugin” section of your admin when a new plugin update is ready to be installed. WordPress checks for new updates every 12 hours. Follow the onscreen prompts to update the plugin.

    Manual Update

    1. Download the latest version of the plugin from Codecanyon
    2. Unzip the main file to your computer
    3. In the unzipped folder there is another zip file called wpvr-x.x.zip, unzip that file as well to a folder of your choice
    4. Open your ftp program like Filezilla and connect to your server. If you don't know your login details your hosting provider can help you get them.
    5. Then navigate to your plugins directory usually something like public_html/wp-content/plugins/
    6. Drag and drop the wpvr folder you just unzipped from the wpvr-x.x.zip file to the plugin folder on your server
    7. Filezilla will show a dialog warning you that the files you are trying to move to the server already exist, check the "Overwrite" radio button and also check the "Apply to current queue only" checkbox.
    8. Click OK and the files will start uploading and overwriting the old ones.
    9. Login to your website admin panel when uploading is finished and make sure the plugin is updated by going to Plugins => Instaleld Plugins and checking the version number.

    Important Notice

    Backup Your Current Setup !
    Whenever you update the plugin, just like upgrading any major software, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a current backup of your web site, including your wp-content folder, your wp-config,php file, and your .htaccess file in your WordPress installation folder, and a copy of your WordPress database. You can use these to revert back to your original site if something unforeseen happens during the update process.
    If you are not familiar with how to do this yourself, your in luck: There are several plugins available that completely automate that process for you, such as:
    UpDraft Plus and WordPress Backup Buddy

    WPVR Sources

    WP Video Robot fetch videos on Youtube using sources. You can use unlimited number of sources, toggle them, test them manually or run them.

    Adding Sources

    WP Video Robot fetch videos on Youtube using sources.

    You can define your Default Fetching Options on Options Panel. This way, you don't need to configure each source separately.

    1. Source Information

    First, add a friendly name for the source.
    Then choose one of the available video services :
    1. Search :
      Fetch for videos by search terms.
      Video Service : Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo.
      Param : Enter search terms (space:AND , -:NOT , |:OR)
    2. Trendy :
      Fetch for the most trendy videos of the last hours/days by country.
      Video Service : Youtube, Dailymotion.
      Param : Pick a country from the list.
    3. Playlists :
      Get all videos included in a public playlist of videos.
      Video Service : Youtube, Dailymotion.
      Param : Unique Playlist ID or Comma separated Playlist Ids for Youtube.
    4. Channels :
      Get all videos included in a public channel.
      Video Service : Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo.
      Param : Unique channel ID
      For Youtube, you can grab this ID form its owner username with the form below.
    5. Groups :
      Get all videos included in a public channel.
      Video Service : Dailymotion, Vimeo.
      Param : Unique group ID
    6. Videos :
      Get videos by their unique Ids
      Video Service : Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo.
      Param : Unique Video ID or Comma separated Video Ids for Youtube.
    7. Users :
      Get all the videos posted by a user.
      Video Service : Vimeo only.
      Param : Unique Vimeo Username .

    2. Source Fetching Options

    1. Number Of Videos
      Is the number of wanted videos on each source call. For performance purposes use small number, and remember that WP Video Robot will pass by in the next hour to get more videos.
      1. -Default- : Use the Global Parameter from Options Panel
      2. Custom Number : Enter your own number
    2. Order By
      You can choose to order video results of the source by :
      1. -Default- : Use the Global Parameter from Options Panel
      2. Relevance : Get the most relevant search results first.
      3. Date : Get the most recent videos first.
      4. Views: Get the most viewed results first.
      5. Title: Order results alphabetically by video title.
      6. Rating (NEW) : Get the most rated videos first.
    3. Duplicates
      You can choose either to skip videos that have already been imported or not.
      1. -Default- : Use the Global Parameter from Options Panel
      2. Skip Duplicates : Import only new videos, skipping existing ones.
      3. Do Not Skip Duplicates : : Import videos even if they already exist on the site.
    4. Statistics
      You can choose either to grab other Youtube data or no.( Video Duration, Video Likes, Video Dislikes, Videos Youtube Views, ...).
      If you face performance issues, turn off this options.
      1. -Default- : Use the Global Parameter from Options Panel
      2. Skip Duplicates
      3. Do Not Skip Duplicates
    5. Tags
      You can choose either to grab Youtube meta keywords tags or no.
      Video tags are essential for SEO purposes.
      If you face performance issues, turn off this options.
      1. -Default- : Use the Global Parameter from Options Panel
      2. Get Video Tags
      3. Do Not Get Video Tags

    3. Source Posting Options

    1. AutoPublish
      You can choose to auto publish videos imported by this source, or to post them as pending videos (drafts) so you can review them later.
    2. Post To
      You can choose the WordPress categories to auto post to.
      This is a great way to classify and order videos on your site.
    3. Post by
      Choose the WordPress author user to whom WP Video Robot will assign imported videos.
    4. Post Date
      Choose to set the post date of the new imported video to :
      - its original posting date on video service ( Original Date )
      - its posting date when imported ( Updated Date )
    5. Post Title Affix
      Choose to add the name of the source or a custom text before or after the video title.

    4. Source Filtering Options

    1. Publish After
      Choose whether to import only videos published after this date. Leave empty to ignore this criterion. Supported only by Youtube and Dailymotion.
    2. Publish Before
      Choose whether to import only videos published before this date. Leave empty to ignore this criterion. Supported only by Youtube and Dailymotion.
    3. Duration
      Filter fetched videos by duration. Note it works only for Search sources. Supported only by Youtube and Dailymotion.
    4. Video Quality
      Filter fetched videos by quality and definition.

    5. Source Schedule

    1. Source Status
      You can toggle off the autorun of your source from this select.
    2. Run Hourly
      Run this source each and every hour.
    3. Run Daily
      Run this source once day. You will have to choose an hour.
    4. Run Weekly
      Run this source once a week. You will have to choose an hour and a day.

    6. Source Folders

    Since version 1.8, you can organize your sources with ease. Source folders are like categories for sources.

    6. Source Actions

    Many action are available for your source :
    1. Save Source
    2. Clone Source
    3. Trash Source
    4. Test Source
    5. Run Source

    Testing Sources

    How to Test a Source

    Wanna see what kind of videos have been fetched by your source? Test it !
    There are 3 ways to test a source :

    • Once you save your source, there is a "Test Source" link next to WP notice.Click on it.
    • On the sources listing screen, click on "TEST SOURCE" button.
    • You can test more than one source at a time.
      On the sources listing screen, check the sources you want to test -> Choose "Test Source(s)" on the bulk actions select -> Click Apply.

    Source Test Screen

    Since the version 1.8, sources are tested and executed asynchronously. In human language, that means that the plugin process them simultaneously, in parallel. Before, it was processing them one after the other.

    That is a tremendous change under the hood of WP Video Robot. Why ? Simply because, now you can process 30 sources (5 wanted videos each) in 5 seconds instead of 5x30 seconds.

    To see how grouped sources are processed, you have now a INFO button on top of your testing screen.

    You then just have to check the videos you want to import and then click on "Add Selected". You can also choose the videos you want to add to unwanted, so the plugin will skip them in future searches and fetchings.

    Running Sources

    Running a source is equivalent to test a source, but all found videos will be added.

    Sources List Screen

    Filtering Sources

    You can filter the sources list by :

  • the author of the post,
  • and/or the posting date,
  • and/or the source type,
  • and/or the video service
  • Bulk Actions

    In addition to the default wordpress post bulk action, WP video Robot offers :

    • Toggle Sources
      Toggle the status of the selected sources.
    • Test Sources
      Test the selected sources at once.
    • Run Sources
      Run the selected sources at once.
    • Duplicate Sources
      Duplicate the selected sources.
    • Export Sources
      Export the selected Sources into a json file.
    • Delete Permanently
      Deletes the selected sources permanently.

    WPVR Videos

    Video Adding Wizard

    Since version 1.8.6, an import assistant has been introduced to make adding a single video really easy.
    It works through 3 easy steps :

    1/ Choose the video service you want to get videos from.

    2/ Enter the video URL or the video ID.

    3/ Pick the video data you want to import.

    That's it! You just have to click on IMPORT VIDEO button on step 3.

    Once your videos is imported, you'll notice two metaboxes : WP Video Robot and WPVR Video Options

    WP Video Robot metabox

    On that metabox, you can see what service the video has been imported from, the video ID and the video duration. Besides, you have several action buttons :

    Exactely as if you had clicked the blue WordPress PUBLISH button.
    Shows up a pop up with the embedded player, so you can preview your video without leaving your backend.
    Shows up the shortcode you can use to embed your imported video player wherever you want.
    Toggles whether that video is on the Unwanted Videos list. WPVR uses that list to know what videos should be automatically skipped during sources fetching.
  • WPVR Video Options metabox

  • Autoembed Player
    By default, the plugin will automatically embed the imported video on the text content.
    Sometimes, you'll want to handle that imported video as any other regular WordPress post, or even use your own theme player implementation.
    In that case, you have a handy field called Autoembed Player. You can choose between 3 possibilities :
    - Embed the plugin video player. - Do not embed the plugin video player. - Default ( use global settings set on WPVR Options > Integration ).
  • Start Time
    Here you can define how many seconds should be skipped before the video starts.
  • End Time
    Here you can define how many seconds should be left before the video ends.

  • Advanced mode

    1/ Start by select the video service you want to import a video from.
    2/ Enter the unique Video ID or the Video URL you want to import
    3/ Set enable grabbing to YES
    4/ Choose the video data you want to get imported. Note: importing the video title for example, will override your post title input. You can also toggle all data on or off.
    5/ Click the green IMPORT VIDEO button, That's it :)
    If you want to enter your own data( title or thumbnail ,etc ...) , simply toggle off that given data.

    By default, the plugin will automatically embed the imported video on the text content.
    Sometimes, you'll want to handle that imported video as any other regular WordPress post, or even use your own theme player implementation.
    In that case, you have a handy field called Autoembed Player. You can choose between 3 possibilities :
    - Embed the plugin video player. - Do not embed the plugin video player. - Default ( use global settings set on WPVR Options > Integration ).

    Using Videos

    Now that you have imported your videos, you are asking yourself how to use them on your site. It's quite simple, you have 3 choices !

    AutoInclude Videos

    This is the simplest option. To integrate imported videos automatically in every post query in your site,
    use the "Autoinclude videos in your site queries" options from WP VIdeo Robot >> Manage Options >> Integration Options.


    If you want to show/include an imported or manually added video on a post, simply include the shortcode :

      [wpvr id=7767]  
    Where 7767 is the local post ID of your imported video. You can get this on Edit Video Screen or Videos List Screen.

    Default Videos List Screen

    Filtering Videos

    You can filter the sources list by the author of the video, and/or by video category, and/or by posting date.

    Bulk Actions

    In addition to the default wordpress post bulk action, WP Video Robot offers :

    • Export Videos
      Export the selected videos into a json file.
    • Publish Videos
      Publish immediately the selected videos.
    • Delete Permanently
      Deletes the selected videos without moving them to trash. This action is irreversible.

    Manage Videos Screen

    This is a new feature on version 1.5 !
    You can manage your imported videos easily from this screen.

    Useful Tools

    From this screen you have 3 useful tools for mass managing your videos :

    1. Track Duplicates
      You can track the duplicate videos and merge them or delete them. More infos on this tool.
    2. Export All Videos
      You can export all your videos with one single click using this tool.
    3. Import All Videos
      If you have exported a lot of videos and you wish to import them once at a time, use this tool.

    Filtering & Ordering

    1. Filter by Video Service
      You can filter videos by check the selected videos services.
    2. Filter by Post Dates
      You can filter videos by check the selected post dates.
    3. Filter by Post Authors
      You can filter videos by check the selected post authors.
    4. Filter by Video Status
      You can filter videos by check the selected post status.
    5. Order Videos
      You can order results by video title or by video posting date.

    Enhanced Bulk actions

    Once you checked your selected videos, you can apply a bulk action on them.
    The advantage of the bulk actions on this screen, is that the action is applied on one video at a time. Very useful for huge number of videos.

    • Export
    • Publish
    • Unpublish
    • Draft
    • Trash
    • Restore
    • Delete

    Change Layout

    You can change the layout of the videos on this manage screen.

    Preview & Edit

    For each result you can edit or preview the video.

    WPVR Import Panel

    Import Options

    Simply choose the json file of exported options and click on "UPLOAD FILE AND IMPORT OPTIONS" button.

    Import Sources

    Simply choose the json file of exported sources and click on "UPLOAD FILE AND IMPORT sources" button.

    You can either choose to automatically toggle on imported sources or no.

    Import Videos

    Simply choose the json file of exported videos and click on "UPLOAD FILE AND IMPORT videos" button.

    You can configure some actions on import :
    • Post the new imported videos now or keep the original post date.
    • Assign the new imported videos to an author.
    • Reset the new imported videos views or no.
    • Skip duplicates during import operation or no.

    WPVR Options

    General Options

    Click here to check if WP Video Robot has the needed configuration to work properly.

    • Default Time Zone
      Choose the default time zone the plugin will use to handle datetimes.
    • Enable Manual Video Adding
      Enable grabbing a single video by its id, or work only with auto imported videos.
    • Defer Video Adding
      Limit the the number of added videos at once. Enable this option to improve performances.
    • Restrict videos to their authors
      Restrict edition and listing of imported videos to admin and respective authors.
    • Auto Unwant When Trashed
      Here you can define whether to automatically add trashed videos to unwanted list.
    • Auto Unwant When Deleted
      Here you can define whether to automatically add deleted videos to unwanted list.
    • Logs per page
      Number of log lines to display per page.
    • Videos per page
      Number of video items to show up per page on Manage Videos Screen, Deferred Videos screen, Unwanted Videos screen.
    • User Roles With Enabled WPVR Links
      Here you can define what user roles can see the plugin menu links. All other roles will have those links hidden.

    Fetching Options

    • Default number of videos fetched
      Number of videos to get by default per source.
    • Default order criterion
      Here you can set the default( meaning global ) criterion, sources should use to order their found videos.
    • Default video quality
      Choose what default video quality the sources should filter by.
    • Default Published After Date
      Choose whether to only import videos that are published after this date.
      Supported only by Youtube and Dailymotion.
    • Default Published Before Date
      Choose whether to only import videos that are published before this date.
      Supported only by Youtube and Dailymotion.
    • Default Video Duration
      Default video duration the plugin should filter fetched videos by.
    • Skip Duplicates
      Enable this option to import only new videos. Duplicates will be skipped.
    • Get Video Stats
      Restrict edition and listing of imported videos to admin and respective authors.
    • Get Video Full Desc.
      By default, the Youtube API truncates the video text content. Enable this option to import the whole description. Note you can improve your system performances by disabling this option.

    Posting Options

    • Default Post Date
      Default posting date.
    • Default Post Content
      Choose whether to import by default the video text content or not.
    • Default Post Format
      Default WordPress Post Format to apply to the imported Videos.
    • Default Post Tags
      Defaut post tags the plugin should add automatically to your imported videos.
    • Default Posting Author
      Choose the WordPress author user to whom WP Video Robot will assign imported videos.
    • Auto Publish ?
      Automatically publish imported videos. If you set this option to off, imported videos will get pending status until you review them.
    • Randomize Posting Date
      Set a random post date for imported videos. You can choose random precision.
    • Start local views count with Video Service views count ?
      Choose whther to start your imported videos view count with 0 or with the real video service view count.

    Integration Options

    • Autoinclude videos in your site queries
      Enable this option to subjoin imported videos to all your existant wordpress queries without changing your theme files.
    • Enable Comments On Imported Videos
      Choose whether to add comments support to imported videos or not.
    • Enable Player Controls On Imported Videos
      Choose whether to show up the pause/play/volume controls on imported videos player. Works only on Youtube.
    • Enable Permalink Rewrite
      Enable this option to activate videos permalink rewrite, to have pretty permalinks for your imported videos and improve SEO. If you disable this option, WPVR will use the WordPress permalink structure.
      You have 3 choices :
      - No Permalink Base : domain.com/my-imported-video-title
      - Category Permalink Base : domain.com/my-category/my-imported-video-title
      - Custom Permalink Base : domain.com/my-custom-text/my-imported-video-title
    • Embed Video Instead of Image Thumbnail
      Enable this option to replace in the loop the post thumbnails by embeded video players.
    • Autoembed Video player in content
      Automatically embed youtube video player on single template without editing your theme files.
      Turn this off to embed the player manually so you can customize it.
    • Remove Video Text Content
      Enable this option to remove the video text content that usually shows up below the video player.
    • Autoplay embeded players
      Automatically starts the video player on single template .
    • Private Custom Post Types
      By default, the plugin hooks into any post type query. If you notice some bugs on your site when activating the "AutoInclude Videos in your Site Queries" option, simply add the custom post types that WP Video Robot is conflicting with.
      If you have any trouble with that option, contact the support team on the support site.

    Automation Options

    • Enable AutoRun Mode
      Disable this option to stop the plugin from working in background.
    • Working Hours
      Define a time interval where WP Video Robot is authorized to perform its automatic tasks.

    API Access

    Here, you can grant access to the different video services to allow the plugin to fetch videos from them.
    You have two choices : you can grant access manually or enter your API credentials so the plugin can connect automatically. Note that manual granting expires in some days.

    API Wizzard

    API Credentials

    IMPORTANT : We strongly recommend to prefer this API access method, when using WPVR on Autorun Mode. Why ? Most video services, limit the manually granted accesses to 24 or 48 hours, for obvious security reasons. Instead of regranting access to WPVR regularly, you should create your own API key, and use it here.

    Cron Job

    To work automatically and in background,WP Video Robot needs a Cron Job Service to be available. Actually, there are 4 ways to make this work :

    Using the AutoPilot addon

    This is the easiest way to get the plugin work automatically. Autopilot is as easy as clicking on a START/STOP button. Simply purchase the WPVR Autopilot, and follow this tutorial.

    Using cPanel cron jobs

    If your host offers cPanel backend, you can set up WPVR automation simply by adding a new cronjob to cPanel.
    Read more about this method on this tutorial.

    Unix Linux cron jobs

    If you are running your website on some VPS or dedicated server, you probably have access to SSH. In that case you can set up WPVR automation using the linux crontab feature.
    Read more about this method on this tutorial.

    Using a third party service

    If you can't add a UNIX cron job as shown above, you can use a free third party services like crondash.com.
    Read more about this method on this tutorial.

    Important : Since version 1.8.4, we have decided to remove the WordPress built-in CRON method.
    In fact, that method was not working properly, since you had to wait for someone to visit your website to fire the WPVR automation. That was not efficient at all.

    WPVR Dashboard

    Sources & Videos

    On this screen you can have a complete overview about the plugin work. Check in a fancy way how many sources have been created by source types or by source authors. Also, you can view how many videos have been imported, by categories or by authors.

    Automation Stats

    On this screen you can check if the automated part of the plugin is working well. Also you can visualize the performance of your plugin configuration, and how much stress will the plugin generate every day from each execution.

    You can manually trigger the CRON to load the automation machine. There you can see what would be done by the plugin when it is autorunning.

    Track Duplicates

    Since version 1.8.4, you have a new and powerful new tool to track and merge duplicates. This tool tracks several instances of the same video, and keeps only the first found one (master). It removes all the other copies (duplicates) and sums track of the views count of each of them, into the master view count.
    You can even merge all duplicates at once, or show up your existing duplicates and then select what duplicates should me merged.

    Data Fillers

    The plugin offers you the ability to fill any custom field used by you or by your theme, with a some of the video data.
    Actually, you can use :

  • Video Id
  • Video Service (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion )
  • Video Embed Code (the iframe code for embeding the video)
  • Video URL
  • Video Duration (formatted to hh:mm:ss)
  • Video Thumbnail (URL of the local featured image of the video post)
  • Video Original Views (Original number of views when the video has been imported)
  • Custom Data : any custom string you want.

  • This feature is powerful and very useful to get the plugin work with any theme.

    The new feature on version 1.6 is the dataFillers presets.
    With one single click, you can add all the dataFillers needed by a preset theme to work properly with WP Video Robot. If you can't find your theme on that list, just contact us. We will create a preset for your theme and release it in next version.

    Admin Actions

    Here you can perform some admin actions. Actually, you can :

  • Reset Video Tables
    If you have previously imported some videos, and now have deleted them, you should tell the plugin to forget them so you can re-import them. Simply click on 'Reset Video Tables' and the plugin will hard refresh its imported videos array.
  • Clear Deferred
    With one click, you can clear and delete all the deferred videos, the ones waiting to be automatically added.
  • Show / Clear Errors
    If the plugin has generated any errors during activation, they are stored to be debugged lately. Here you can show stored activation errors and clear them.
  • Remove Temp. Files
    When you import or export sources or videos or even options, the plugin generates some temporary files. You can bulk delete them by clicking this button.
  • Reset Activation
    You can reset your license activation from here.
  • Renew CRON TOKEN
    You can reset the CRON security token from here.
  • Reset WPVR Notices
    You can reset all the notices generated by the plugin from here.
  • Manage Licences

    You can manage on this screen your core plugin license and premium addons you have bought on our official store.

    WPVR Addons

    What for ?

    With the WP Video Robot addons, you can extend and tailor the plugin to suit your needs. What are addons ? Addons are some extensions to enhance and add powerful functionalities to the plugin. There are packed as regular WordPress plugins and are available on our official store.

    How to install an addon

    To install an addon, simply get the zip file from the official store. Then install it as any regular WordPress plugin. Finally head to the Browse Addons screen to manage it or activate it.

    Have an addon idea ?

    Couldn't find exactely what you need ? Have a good and clear idea of some new functionality or feature to add to WP Video Robot ? Simply send us an email on [email protected] with your idea, and we'll develop YOUR addon right away :)

    WPVR Activity Logs

    WP Video Robot keeps any done action on record. On this screen you can follow/control all the work that has been done manually or automatically.

    WPVR Deferred Videos

    For performance purpose, when WP Video Robot autorun sources, it doesn't add all the videos found. It only adds limited number of videos on each execution( buffer chosen on option panel). The rest of videos, called deferred videos are stored and automatically added each 10 minutes. From this screen, you can view them, add them manually or simply remove them .

    WPVR Unwanted Videos

    We were asked so many times on how unwanted videos( or junk content ) should be skipped or avoided. So we came up with a clean solution, to keep track of unwanted videos. The plugin can skip them during fetching and importing processes. You can also check them or remove some of them using this screen.

    WPVR Config File

    This section is intended for advanced users. If you're not, please do not edit wpvr.config.php file.
    The wpvr.config.php file is located on the root folder of WP Video Robot.
    You can customize the plugin even deeper with editing this file.
    Each constant is well commented so you can know what you are changing in the plugin.


    Included Languages

    WP Video Robot is internationalized. Currently, there are 9 languages included:
    English , French , Chinese , German , Spanish , Arabic , Russian , Italian , Portuguese ,

    Moreover, the plugin is translation ready with RightToLeft support. In the languages folder you'll find po files of the following languages which you can translate yourself.

    Configure translation

    If you are using WordPress 4.0,
    You can switch the whole site language by visiting Settings > General > Site Language.

    For WordPress versions prior to 4.0, follow these instructions :
    To change the default language of WordPress open up your wp-config.php file and find the following line.

    define ('WPLANG', '');
    Change the value of this to the name of the language file. Possible value are :
    define ('WPLANG', '');
    define ('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');
    define ('WPLANG', 'sp_SP');
    define ('WPLANG', 'de_DE');
    define ('WPLANG', 'ar');
    define ('WPLANG', 'ru_RU');

    For a multi network blog you can set the language of each of the site individually. All the language settings can be setup in the network admin screen.

    Functions & Shortcodes


    This shortcode prints the real and live count of videos you have imported and published so far.
    It takes 4 optional arguments.

    [wpvr_count $no_label $status $service $category]


    • no_label ( Optional )
      Adding this argument (without any value), returns only the count number, without any labelling.
    • status ( Optional )
      Returns the video count of the given status only.
      Possible values : publish / pending / draft
    • service ( Optional )
      Returns the video count of the given service only.
      Possible values : youtube / facebook / dailymotion / vimeo / youku / ted / cplus / ravnur ...
    • category ( Optional )
      Returns the video count of the given category only.
      Possible values : any valid category slug.


    This function returns all the custom fields values of a given video or just one chosen custom field value.

    wpvr_get_fields( $field_name , $post_id ) ;


    • $field_name ( Optional )
      Custom field name ( Possible values : video_service , video_id , video_duration , video_url , video_thumb , video_thumb_hq , video_views , EMPTY ).
      Default : Empty
    • $post_id ( Optional )
      Video post ID. If you want to use this function outside the loop, you have to define this argument. Otherwise, leave it empty to use the post of to loop.
      Default : Empty

    If $field_name is defined, it will return the value of the custom field, otherwise it will return an associative array with all the field names as keys and the field values as values.


    Get views count of a given video.

    wpvr_get_views( $post_id ) ;


    • $post_id ( Optional )
      Video post ID. If you want to use this function outside the loop, you have to define this argument. Otherwise, leave it empty to use the post of to loop.
      Default : Empty

    It returns an integer of the count views of the given video post ID.


    Renders the video player on frontend.
    It supports Video Station replacement and also Monetizer implementation. Need an echo

    wpvr_render_modified_player( $post_id ) ;


    • $post_id ( Optional )
      Video post ID. If you want to use this function outside the loop, you have to define this argument. Otherwise, leave it empty to use the post of to loop.
      Default : Empty

    Returns the video player embed code string. Note that you need to echo that returned string to render the video player.

    For more help on using those functions, check out our Tutorials.


  • Version 1.8.9 (Release Date :20/02/2017)
    • Bug Fixes
      • Corrected the Private Custom Post type missing option issue
      • Corrected the Youtube manual adding issue of v1.8.8
      • Removed the php command line automation line
      • Corrected the columns override function definition conflict with VideoPro
      • Corrected the conflict on WP Query when using VideoPro and posting as regular post
      • Corrected the format of the CRON Stopped error message
      • Fixed the autoembeding video player on non WPVR posts issue
      • Corrected the bug when selecting posting author
      • Fixed the time zone issue when running a source
      • Added a doExec param to simulate automatic source execution only
      • Added a view button when adding videos through TEST sources screen
  • Version 1.8.8 (Release Date :02/01/2017)
    • Bug Fixes
      • Added filtering between WPVR videos and regular posts
      • Corrected Facebook VS thumb error
      • Added capability to import videos to any custom post type, including regular post type
      • Corrected the save addon options bug
      • Corrected the wrong API Access options link
      • Corrected the Newspaper hook not firing on manual adding
      • Added some new fancy debugging functions
      • Corrected several execution bugs
      • Corrected async execution when HTTP authentication enabled
      • Added HD flag for videos where HQ thumb is available
      • Added Override admin columns option
      • Corrected the export options, videos and sources issue on WP Multisite
      • Corrected the exported system info line break issue
      • Added memory available info to System Info
  • Version 1.8.7 (Release Date :20/11/2016)
    • Bug Fixes
      • Corrected the black bars issue on Youtube thumbs
      • Reorganized all the plugin settings and revamped the API wizard screen with fancy services logos
      • Corrected source owner info bug
      • Corrected the multisite cron data storing error
      • Corrected all WPVR portlets size issue on big screens
      • Corrected source posting category issue (thanks to Mike)
      • Added WPVR install path to system info
      • Corrected the thumbnails not downloading issue (when running a source on multisite)
      • Corrected the SSL error on CURL when used with Dailymotion SDK
      • Updated the JS and CSS assets used by WPVR (NOUISlider, Fontawesome, Selectize)
  • Version 1.8.6 (Release Date :10/10/2016)
    • Enhancements
      • Added a single video import wizard for better user experience
      • Added Sticky topbar on source edition screen for easy source edition
      • Added the wpvr_count shortcode that shows different video counts filtered by category, by services or by status
      • [wpvr_count] : Shows the total count of videos
        [wpvr_count service=youtube] : Shows the total number of Youtube videos (youtube/vimeo/dailymotion/ted/youku/facebook)
        [wpvr_count category=movies] : Shows the total number of videos from the Movies category (use slug)
        [wpvr_count status=pending] : Shows the total number of pending videos (publish/pending/draft)
        Adding no_label attribute returns only the count number with no labelling
      • Added new custom hooks php file, where advanced user can hook into WPVR action and filter hooks
      • Added more simple message when visiting the CrON URL with CRON debug OFF
      • Added Update thumbnails bulk action to re-download thumbnails of selected videos
      • Introduced edit button when using source testing tool
      • Rearranged the source filters and added source posting categories filter (More/Less Filters)
      • Rearranged the videos filters (More/Less Filters)
    • Bug Fixes
      • Corrected the issue on Dailymotion Playlists import
      • Corrected the Video List screen blank screen issue (Thanks to Jorge Romero)
      • Corrected the cron url generation error with WP installed on a subfolder
      • Corrected the manual adding issue with Youku videos
      • Corrected hooks to prevent WPVR from messing with attachments frontend rendering
      • Added exit blank screen when trying to access wpvr.cron.php directly (For better security)
  • Version 1.8.5 (Release Date :20/08/2016)
    • Enhancements
      • Added Video Author info when importing a video
      • Added Video Author on testing screen
      • Added Customizer support for metadata tags (%video_author% for example)
    • Bug Fixes
      • Added cURL error debugging to core functions
      • Corrected the Timezone option saving process bug
      • Corrected the GET HELP link on Cron config screen
      • Corrected the double definiton of wpvr_show_restriction_msg function
      • Added version information on activation JS popup
      • Corrected the source parameter clicking issue
      • Corrected the PHP object to array conversion in the plugin code files
      • Corrected the VST rendering modified player 502 Bad Gateway issue (thanks to Leslie E)

  • Version 1.8.4 (Release Date :01/06/2016)
    • Enhancements
      • Added Search Context on Youtube Search Sources.
      • Manual adding now supports Video URL and Video ID.
      • Added a pretty customizable cron permalink.
      • CRON execution on multisite is now supported.
      • Added categories filtering on Browse Addons screen.
      • Added WPVR_DISABLE_THUMB_DOWNLOAD to disable downloading of the video thumbnail.
      • Added a COPY button on WPVR Automation Options URLs.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Corrected new update message removal on both single and multisite.
      • Corrected addons and plugin autoupdate on multisite.
      • Corrected make_click hook error.
      • Corrected a conflict of noUiSlider JS framework.
      • Corrected the TMP database entries async bug.
      • Corrected the permalink 404 error on first plugin activation.
      • Corrected Deferred and Unwanted list pages pagination bug.
      • Adapted the cron data file to multisite installations.

  • Version 1.8.3 (Release Date :05/03/2016)
    • Enhancements
      • Added a Welcome screen with "Import Demo Sources" button.
      • Redesigned the TEST SOURCE SCREEN.
      • Added groupped Sources Folders actions.
      • Added FontAwesome 4.5.0 Support.
      • Improved sources bulk actions.
      • Added AutoPilot support.
      • Improved CRON CLI executions and reports.
      • Added System Info Export to Text button.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Corrected the autoembed_done autoinclude bug.
      • Corrected some theme conflicts with the new get_themes_mb feature.
      • Corrected some JS error when clicking buttons.
      • Fixed the tinyMCE error on addons options screen.
      • Corrected some CSS conflicts on backend with other plugins.
      • Corrected DataFillers screen JS errors.
      • Corrected Youtube Channel ID retreiving errors (thanks to Joanny and José).
      • Fixed the tags being imported even if not wanted (thanks to Joanny and José).
      • Fixed the Stress Graph JS bug.
      • Fixed frontend error when a video service is disabled.
      • Corrected the JS error on WPVR dashboard thrown by a category containing a quote.
      • Corrected the WPVR dashboard Sources colors bug.
      • Corrected Source Service Labels and Source Types bugs on Activity Logs.
      • Added Execution mode and Execution time to Activity Logs.
      • Corrected some buttons JS Errors.
      • Corrected objects export known bug.

  • Version 1.8.2 (Release Date :05/04/2016)
    • Enhancements
      • Implemented a better timezone selector.
      • Implemented expiration notices for addon licenses.
      • Added Changelog reader on welcome page.
      • Added a admin top bar menu for WP Video Robot links.
      • Added a plugins page menu for main WPVR links.
      • Redesigned bulk actions for sources and videos.
      • Added Server Software to System Info.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Corrected the loading animation on JS buttons.
      • Corrected the dashboard CRON message timezone.
      • Corrected Dailymotion text content bug (thanks José).
      • Added video and souorces custom post types support hooks.
      • Corrected async actions url bug on some server configurations.
      • Added links to welcome page icons.
      • Corrected the 'player instead of thumbnail' option bug (thanks to keithkraker).

  • Version 1.8 (Release Date :20/02/2016)
    • Enhancements
      • All metaboxes defined for regular posts now supported by imported videos.
      • Sources Folders to organize your sources.
      • Managing Unwanted Videos to refine fetching of better videos.
      • Better Single Source edition Action Buttons.
      • Added pagination to deferred and unwanted videos screen.
      • Added Global Publish Date filtering parameter.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Corrected Error on Dashboard / Sources Screen.
      • Corrected Videos filtering known issue on redirection.
      • Adapted the WPVR backend interface to mobile.
      • Corrected a http referrer WP bug.
      • Improved API Authentication process.

  • Version 1.7.5 (Release Date :12/11/2015)
    • Added Features
      • Added Actions menus on Top of Testing Screen
      • Added Clone Source button on single source edition screen
      • Added filtering videos by service on wordpress videos list screen
      • Added activation cancelling that allows you to use your purchase code on a new domain
      • Added comments count on wordpress video list screen
      • Removed the autoClean feature that was buggy with the new Youtube API v3
      • Addons ordering has been improved
      • Local and custom tailored addons now appears on addons grid
    • Bug Fixes
      • Corrected the several sources testing nextPageToken bug
      • Corrected the manage videos pagination bug
      • Individual adding from youtube video id bug fixed
      • Fixed comments importing issue when manual granting access to youtube (thanks to Mario Radivojev)
      • Fixed the Vimeo and Dailymotion declaration conflict with any other plugin (thanks to Mark Davidson)

  • Version 1.7 (Release Date :01/08/2015)
    • Added Features
      • Added standalone video services support.
      • Added CRON path execution support.
      • Brand new API Access interface.
      • Added API communications notices.
      • Added Videos Screen EDIT/PREVIEW buttons.
      • Enhanced the plugin screens loading with fading.
      • Enhanced addons browsing experience.
      • Adapted all the plugin screens to mobile.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed sources graph bug on WPVR dashboard.
      • Fixed user roles restriction bug.
      • Fixed JS errors.
      • Fixed Dailymotion player issue (thanks to Carlo Bartozi ).
      • Fixed default options init bug.
      • Corrected JM Twitter conflict.
      • Corrected errors on dataFillers ajax communications.

  • Version 1.6.65 (Release Date :27/07/2015)
    • Added Features
      • Add Hierarchy to selectize.
      • Added WPVR_IS_LOCKED_OUT constant to prevent from being locked out the plugin.
      • WPVR CRON is now available using php command line.
      • Added 'Toggle All Grabbings' button on manual Adding screen.
      • Added performance warning to avoid server crash due to misconfiguration.
      • Added Reset CRON Data admin action.
      • Added better System Diagnosis.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed the 'Go Back' button javascript bug.
      • Improved Ajax communication to avoid crashing when illegal strings are echjoed by other plugins.
      • Fixed autoupdate bug (thanks to Jorge).
      • Add Default choice for Video Duration Filter.
      • Add Default choice for Video Quality Filter.
      • Fixed 'Get Full Description' option bug (thanks to Jorge).
      • Fixed HTTPS embed bug (thanks to Nate).
      • Fixed the trashed sources that were still reachable by cron.

  • Version 1.6.4 (Release Date :22/06/2015)
    • Added Features
      • Added Get Video Full Description Option.
      • Added Source auto tags.
      • Added SAVE SOURCE button.
      • Advanced Source Filtering : by publish date , by video quality, by video duration.
      • Updated Video services SDKs.
      • Javascript Messages dialogs are no longer modal.
      • Multiple testing tabs or windows now possible.
      • Added HTTPS Video Url to dataFillers.
      • Added Dynamic Video Views dataFiller to automatically fill/update your theme custom fields with the updated video views.
      • Added Dynamic Custom Post Type Skipper to avoid conflicts with other plugins.
      • Added ESC for closing dialogs.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Corrected vimeo tags import bug.
      • Corrected the addons reloader bug.
      • Corrected javascript bug on add items on deferred screen.
      • Increased security in API communications.
      • Fixed the JS buttons spinner bug.
      • Improved the youtube fetching by not geting tags of already imported videos.
      • Corrected Vimeo Video Fetching bug.
      • Added loading to thumbs on testing screens.
      • Improved JS ajax communications.

  • Version 1.6.0 (Release Date :15/05/2015)
    • Added Features
      • Added selectize input instead of category checkboxes for better user experience
      • Added Plugin Activation
      • Added Custom String dataFiller Type
      • Added dataFillers Preset for better compatibility with themes
      • Better TEST/RUN buttons on Edit Source Screen
      • Added video title to imported thumbnail filename, title and caption to optimize SEO rankings
      • Added option to use a video as a normal post
      • Supporting Addons to extend functionalities and enhance the plugin
      • Permalink Rewrite Rule with 3 options : no base , category base , or custom base.
      • Maximum resolution of thumbnails of imported youtube videos
      • Video Content Affix and Suffix added to options
      • Source Posting Categories enhancement
      • Licences managment
      • Added Admin Actions section on dashboard for advanced users
    • Bug Fixes
      • Adapted WP Video Robot Manual Adding to Youtube API v3
      • Corrected the XSS vulnerability on add_query_arg
      • Corrected several Ajax Buttons bugs
      • Added Test Permission on cron.txt file for debugging cron errors and issues
      • Added message when youtube daily quota is reached
      • Remove Single thumb bug fixed
      • ADDED
      • postCats bug corrected
      • dataFillers execution on manual adding corrected

  • Version 1.5.3 (Release Date :05/04/2015)
    • Added Features
      • Added DailyMotion Syndication on video embed
      • German and Polish Translations corrected and working properly
      • Added 'PHP Version' on Show System Infos
      • Added an error message if PHP <= 5.3.0
    • Bug Fixes
      • Source Counters( run/test/imported) bug corrected
      • Source Schedule on XXX bug corrected
      • Ajax Data Communication on video adding bug fixed
      • Minor Security bug fixed
      • Trim custom field name on dataFillers form

  • Version 1.5.1 (Release Date :31/01/2015)
    • Added Features
      • Now compatible with WordPress MultiSite structure
      • Now compatible with bbPress and buddyPress
      • Now compatible with WooCommerce Shop Plugin
      • Added an option to show or hide the video text content
      • Added new Source type for VIMEO Video Service : USER TYPE (import all videos posted by a vimeo user)
      • Added "Comment Support" Option to imported Videos
      • Added "Show Player Controls" Option to imported Videos
      • Added a button to hard refresh tables on Options pages
      • Added an option to prefix or suffix imported videos title with source name or custom text
      • Added Data Fillers to improve themes compatibility and seamless integration
    • Bug Fixes
      • Filtering by categories on Videos Manage screen bug fixed.
      • Source categories bug fixed
      • Video Duration bug fixed
      • Sources testing bug fixed.
      • Replace thumbnails with players bug fixed
      • Added JS error managing to JSON calls
      • Updating deferred videos ids fixed
      • Implementing timezones on CRON timing functions
      • SkipDuplicates on deferred videos adding corrected (thanks to Frederic Pierron )
      • GetOriginal Publishing date on deferred videos adding corrected ( thanks to Huba Melegh )
      • Corrected custom post types incompatibility and conflicts
      • Add Fix for custom post type category archive pagination (thanks to Simo and Mladen )

  • Version 1.5 (Release Date :30/11/2014)
    • Added Features
      • Added Grant Access for each Video Service ( easily connect the plugin to APIs )
      • Vimeo Videos Service Supported
      • Dailymotion Videos Serviec Supported
      • Groups (Vimeo and Dailymotion) now Supported
      • Post Format Supported
      • Post Date Choose Supported
      • Added fancy icons to the whole plugin
      • AutoPlay Option Added
      • Manual Import Adapted to Vimeo and Dailymotion
      • Added API Keys Options for every video service
      • Added Service Name on Deferred and Test Screens
      • Added Videos Graph by Service on the plugin Dashboard
      • Added Manage Videos Screen powered with ajax
      • -> With Filtering by Video Service / Post Date / Author / Categories / Video Status
      • -> With Bulk Actions for the selected items
      • -> With Layout choose (grid / bGrid / list ... )
      • The sources list screen has been refreshed with new icons and new data
      • Filter by Services on videos list screen added
      • Added Track Duplicates toolbox to merge them
      • Add Manage Videos Link To Videos Admin Menu
    • BugFixes
      • NonAdmin Users Cap bugfix on Deferred Screen
      • Changed the crontab url to add
      • Cron bugfix
      • Cron Security Token Bug Fixed
      • Function naming compatibility fixed
      • Changed the default Capablities to ALL OPEN
      • Security bugfix on API calls
      • Bugfix on activity log screen
      • Bugfix on sources bulk actions
      • Bulk Edit bug fixed (thanks to Anatoli Cholak )
      • Filter on Videos List Screen bug fixed
      • Filter on Sources List Screen bug fixed
      • Hide Envato PurchaseCode Notice bugfixed

  • Version 1.1 (Release Date :15/09/2014)
    • Added Features
      • Added multiple youtube channels in one single source
      • Added multiple youtube playlist in one single source
      • Added capabilities for non admin users (logs, actions,options,import panel)
      • Added Bulk delete permanently for sources and videos
      • Added Bulk publish for videos
      • Added items counter for playlist ids, channel ids and videos ids on source edit screen
      • Added loading spinner to all buttons calling with ajax
      • Added relevant column data for sources and videos
      • Added 'clear logs' button on logs screen
      • Added manual manage defered videos screen
      • Added an option for enabling/disabling batch adding
      • Added duration and views on test and defered screens
      • Added flags for 'trendy' sources
      • Added TimeZone Support for accurate time handling
      • Added Custom API Youtube Key Support
      • Added 'Embed Video Player instead of thumbnail' Option
      • Added Working Hours Options to limit the plugin automated tasks to chosen hours interval
      • Added a Fancy Dashboard of the plugin to
        • overview all the videos and all the sources
        • Check The Plugin Stress Forecast
        • Check Automation Status to debug troubleshooting
      • Added Deferred Videos Screen To manually add/remove deferred Videos
      • Added Columns to sources and videos list screens to improve overviews.

      • Admin role restriction bugfix
      • Autoupdate Function bugfix
      • Options Page bugfix
      • Important bug reported on the display of pages fixed
      • Minor bugs reported by customers have been fixed
      • Corrected Log weird bugs
      • Corrected GoBack Button on result screen
      • Corrected GoToTop button on logs screen
      • Corrected switch buttons RTL bug on options screen
      • Corrected errors in translation
      • Corrected including shortcode known bug.

  • Version 1.0 (Release Date :30/08/2014)
    • Initial Release


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